Imprinted concrete problems caused by bad weather


Some Imprinted concrete problems are caused by the weather.

When you live in the UK, you can’t count on the weather. Imprinted driveways are basically concrete driveways with a great print and nice colours.

As with every concrete driveway,  the weather conditions need to be in a certain range to have the best results. The temperature can’t be to hot. Nor to cold.

Driveway in the rain

Rain issues

If any type of rain (apart from light rain) is forecast then the installation date should be rearranged.

If an installation is carried out in the rain the best case scenario will be droplet marks.

In the worst case the colour and cement will be completely washed out. This will leave the bare stones from the concrete mix exposed.

Summer issues

You might think that the summer is the best time to have your imprinted driveway installed. But this is often not the case. Especially not in a hot summer.

If the weather is too hot, the colour surface hardener will dry out too quickly. This might then crack the surface of the concrete underneath.

Installers will have to work super fast to screed, print and colour the concrete before it sets.

Screeding concrete pathway on a hot summers day.

Too cold

If the weather is too cold (near freezing) then there is a chance of water freezing within the concrete mix. This will crack the driveway almost immediately.


Wind gusts can also be a problem. Tree branches, twigs and leaves can be blown into the imprinted concrete and leave imprints that you did not order.

Points to consider:

  • what is the weather forecast?
  • Is rain forecast? If so light or heavy?

There best time to have your driveway installed is Spring and Autumn.

You might have a slightly longer period where your driveway has been dug up already. This is due to rainy days where no concrete can be laid. The temperature will be good though, to leave the installers enough time to screed, print and colour before the concrete sets.

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