Concrete driveways are as exciting as they are strong! Concrete Driveways don’t always get the credit they deserve. With modern technology a plain old driveway can be transformed into a stunning driveway full of colour and texture. There are some excellent choices of concrete driveways and related products on the market today. Pattern Imprinted Concrete Resin bounded/ bound driveways Concrete Paving Which driveway is right for you? All concrete driveways have their own benefits and draw backs. It is important to find out as much as you can before you commit. Our independent buying guides can help you with this process. The reasons why 98% of homeowners buy a new driveway are simple Space is increasingly a problem and making an existing driveway bigger makes sense. Adds value to property Less maintenance If existing driveway looks tired and shabby, so does the home behind it. Safety. Driveways in poor conditions can be a trip hazard. What do you know about concrete driveways? The old saying ‘knowledge is power’ really does go a long way. Make sure you know what products are out there. Ask yourself the following questions. What does the concrete driveway installation involve? Hoe much should a new driveway roughly cost per square metre? Is it easy to maintain my driveway? What is the difference between different concrete products? What does the installation process involve? How do I get rid of a salesperson who won’t leave my property without a deposit? Can I change my mind at any time? The buying process of a concrete driveway can be a long and windy road full of headache and misery. Don’t be one of the unfortunate people who thought they were getting a great looking concrete driveway. But ended up with cracks puddles pushy salesperson overpriced driveway half finished driveway a dug up driveway for months on end unprofessional and inadequate installers While you think this will not happen to you, it is happening to people all over Britain regularly. Do you think they expected a poor quality concrete driveway? NO! Prevent yourself for falling for the same old deceptive selling tricks and find yourself a reputable installer. Download our independent step-by-step buying guide now.