Pattern imprinted concrete is still a top product!

Imprinted concrete has been a popular choice for many home owners over the last 20 years.

And for good reason.


  • Pattern imprinted driveways look great
  • It will last a generation
  • You can choose from many colours
  • You can choose from many patterns
  • It is virtually a maintenance free driveway
An image of a house with a pattern imprinted concrete driveway

What is the process of laying a pattern imprinted driveway?

There are several steps to laying an imprinted driveway.

  • The excisting driveway is dug up
  • A stone base is laid
  • Concrete is poured over the base
  • Concrete is screeded
  • Colour is added
  • A pattern is printed
  • Drainage is installed
  • Expansion joints are cut
  • The driveway is sealed

For detailed information on the preparation and installation process click here.

Normally the process will take two and a half days.

The first day for preparation. The second day for installation and the third day for sealing the driveway.

Please remember that installing an imprinted driveway is dependent on the weather, and so is the sealing of the driveway. This means that it is unlikely that your driveway will be installed in three consecutive days.

Preparation of an imprinted driveway

You can choose from many different patterns for your imprinted driveway.

Fans and Circles


An imprinted concrete driveway will make your house look stunning.