Resin drives are fast becoming the UK’s number one choice for concrete driveways.


And this is for a good reason. Resin drives look fantastic and last decades. Resin drives are relatively new in the UK but more and more home owners choose this fantastic product.


A resin driveway can be made using two methods.


Resin bound drives are made by mixing stone (aggregates)  together with the resin in a mixer. These stones are typically 2 to 5mm big. The mixed material is then poured on to the surface and raked out. The surface is  finished with a trowel to leave a flat surface to a thickness of 15mm (1.5cm).



Resin Bound Drive installation



Resin bonded is the other method used for a resin driveway.

It is also known as the scatter system.

Resin is applied using a roller and trowel to a thickness of 1mm. Stone (aggregate) is then thrown into the top of the resin ensuring complete coverage.

Once the resin has gone off, the surface is swept to remove any loose stones. This type of the resin driveway is then sealed using a UV stable polyurethane coating. This will provide a more durable surface, improved retention of aggregates, enhanced decoration and is also resistance to UV light.



Resin drive

Resin bonded systems are non porous.


If not already in place when installing a resin bonded surfacing system, you would need to install drainage systems to prevent build up of water on the surface.

Resin drives are known by many other names.


A resin driveway can be known by a number of different names, many of these are listed below


Bound gravel  this is due to the aggregate stone being bound to the resin.

Decorative stone is a term used to describe the many decorative effects that you can get.

Gravel surfacing is one of the earliest terms and historically gravel driveways (without resin) were very popular.

Natural stone paving is alluding to the fact that natural stone aggregate is used. This distinction is made because rubber can be used for play areas.

Permeable driveway is a frequently heard term and the definition of permeable is that water goes through. This is a major benefit of resin bound/bonded driveways.

Permeable paving system is often used again because of the water drainage but also in more recent times due to increased eco – friendly features

Porous paving – in the sense the water runs through

Resin bound aggregate – think of sticky stones or glue aggregate because that is what it is.

Resin bound gravel

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